ALMA Laser Hair Removal

ALMA Laser Hair Removal

Say no to painful waxing and threading sessions and opt for something as cost-effective as laser hair removal at ISAAC Luxe. A one-time expense, laser hair reduction is a one-time investment that will reduce your body hair growth and save you from the hassle of hair removal every month. We believe in bringing our best to you which is why we offer Soprano Ice Platinum exclusively at ISAAC Luxe.

You can also get painless hair removal using the Soprano Platinum.

Why Choose Soprano Ice Platinum?

Soprano Ice Platinum is an award winning laser machine that offers painless hair removal without any side-effect. The patented triple wavelength technology is merged into a single applicator that targets different tissues depths followed by anatomical structures within the hair follicle. At a glance, Soprano Ice Platinum is virtually painless, has no downtime and is FDA-approved. Soprano Ice Platinum also works and suits on all skin tones and skin types.

  • Diode Laser Alex: Ideal for light skin tones as well as thin and coarse hair, it allows better absorption by melanin chromospheres.
  • Speed TM 810 : Great for large spot areas like thighs and stomach, the applicator ensures faster and effective hair removal.
  • Compact Applicator: Light-weight and ergonomically designed applicator
  • Diode Laser YAG: Highly effective for Indian skin tones
  • Facial Tip: Works effectively on sensitive and hard to reach areas like ears, nostrils etc.
  • Disposable Hygienic Tip: Effective for treating intimate areas (10 units per packages)

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