Chin Correction

Chin Correction

Chin surgery reshapes the jawline and lowers part of the face to improve proportions and symmetry. Dr. Neeraj is an Experienced Cosmetic & Plastic Surgeon ensures that, whether using implants or fat grafting, patients can achieve beautiful, natural-looking results and long-term satisfaction.

To begin with, an incision will be made. Most often, the tiny incision is made under the chin, through which solid silicone implants are inserted. When using other implants made of a biocompatible material, the incision is made inside the mouth. To make the implant fit well, your surgeon may decide to fix it to some soft tissue or bone.

Double Chin Removal is an minimally invasive technique that involves usage of numbing injection under the chin and behind the ear and through the same points vaser facial probes (Like refill of ball point pen) are introduced through these points to deliver ultrasound energy. (That dissolves the fat along with tightening of the overlying skin) after this procedure, dissolved fat is immediately removed with the help of very small cannulas. After this step, jawline is immediately seen in the procedure room and a pressure band (called chin strap) is applied.

This procedure removes fat from beneath the skin and sculpts the chin and neck contour. It is a good option in slim, healthy individuals who have an area of resistant fat around their neck and chin area which they may have had all their life. Results are often seen across the entire lower face.

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