Breast Lump Removal with Minimal Scarring

Breast Lump Removal with Minimal Scarring

Breast lump or mass of breast are of two types -
1. Benign (Non- Cancerous) Breast Lumps,
2. Malignant (Cancerous).

Fibroadenoma is common cause for a lump in young women, often between the ages of 15-30, solid lump may be single or multiple. Fibroadenomas are usually painless, and they probably arise due to hormonal changes in the breast. As a consequence, the lump may arise in an area of the breast where is already more generalised hormonal breast pain and tenderness giving the false impression that the lump is causing the pain. Since they are solid lumps fibroadenomas generally do not disappear, although during pregnancy they may undergo noticeable changes resulting in either their disappearance or their progressive enlargement.

Fibroadenomas are normally harmless but should be carefully checked and investigated by ultrasound and needle biopsy. Once a lump has been shown to be definitely a fibroadenoma, it is safe to live under strict supervision and if it does not disappear surgery is the answer. Fibroadenoma is removed by a small periareolar incision, as Dr. Neeraj Pandey removes all the lumps cosmetically leaving almost no scar on your breast.

If there is any doubt of malignancy or confirmed by needle biopsy, that too can be removed by wide excision in a cosmetic manner so that the breast get very less deformity and scarring.

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