(Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy)


In common terms, PRP is basically a process of extracting platelets", a component of the blood which is responsible for clotting blood after an injury, concentrating it, activating it and injecting it.

PRP is quite effective solution of post corona hair loss.

These platelets release growth factors which help in repair of wounds so when they are activated by injury or in this case calcium, they release growth factors and this cocktail of growth factors is injected into different areas of the body to give rejuvenating effects.

PRP procedure takes about an hour and half and requires multiple small injections in the area. The blood is drawn and prepared and injected.

Platelet Rich Plasma technique or PRP as it is popularly known, is an excellent, non-surgical, autologous treatment method for hair loss and balding. In this method, the patient's blood is extracted and platelet plasma fraction is concentrated for use in treatment. PRP being a rich source of growth factors, cytokines and other stimulants, helps in enhancing the hair follicle function and growth. In this therapy, the PRP is injected to the hair roots of the patient in the balding region to stimulate hair growth. It is non-invasive but requires expertise to perform. PRP therapy benefits most during stages of hair fall and balding when hair roots are weak but still functional.

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