Post Bariatric Surgery Body Reshaping

Post Bariatric Surgery Body Reshaping

We are all aware of the ill effects of Obesity. As the problem cropped up, medical field came up with various solutions ranging from dietary control to drug therapy and finally Surgical treatment (Bariatric Surgery).

Bariatric surgery is effective and positive results are seen leading to a dramatic reduction in the weight. It has also helped patients become healthier with control over Diabetes and Blood Pressure.

What exactly is Body Contouring?

To explain it in very simple terms, it involves removing the excess skin and to reshape the body to the patient current weight. The aim of the surgery is to give minimum scars that are hidden in normal clothing. All patients do not require treatment for all parts of the body. A lot depends on the patient & body type as well as his/her expectations. The treatment is highly individualized.

Surgeries included in Body Contouring are:

1. Tummy Tuck (Most commonly performed procedure): This involves removing the excess apron like hanging skin on the anterior part of the abdomen. A cut is made in the lower abdomen and the underlying layers of abdominalwall are tightened. Followingthis the skin is redraped to give you a flat tummy.

2. Breast Lift Procedure: After massive weight loss the breasts start sagging. Surgical correction to give a good size, shape and position is possible by undergoing a breast lift procedure.

3. Lower Body Lift: Usually performed along with the tummy tuck procedure. It aims to correct the excess skin that is present circumferentially around the waist. The shape of the buttocks, lower back and abdomen is corrected in this procedure.

4. Arm Lift: The hanging skin in the arms is excised in this surgery to give a toned look to the arms.

5. Thigh Lift: Excess skin in the inner thigh causes friction while walking and is a cause of great discomfort for the patient. The inner thigh lift helps in reducing this skin and makes walking comfortable for the patient.

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