Vaser Hi-def and Vaser 4D Lipo – VASER 4D Sculpt

Dreaming of having super sexy body with six packs, bulging biceps, bulging thighs and a perfectly round butt? Now they can be yours with Dr Neeraj Pandey's VASER 4 D High Def Lipo Sculpt.

At Cosmetic Kraft we offer the most sophisticated liposuction procedure called VASER 4D sculpt.

What sets this technology apart is that, not only fat from your body removed by liposuction, it is removed in such a way that it adds to the beauty and sculpting of the targeted areas. Now you can literally sculpt your "okay" body into a steamy sculpture that is bikini and beach ready in no time at Cosmetic Kraft.

The fourth dimension referred to in the term "4D Lipo" is dynamic definition of the underlying muscular anatomy as it relates to muscular motion is now also considered. This has taken liposculpture results to a new level.

Liposculpture begins where traditional liposuction and the basic LipoSelection procedures end.

By utilizing techniques fundamental to the fine art of sculpting – such as light, dimension, and shadow – Dr. Neeraj Pandey creates mountains and valleys out of your muscles.

For example, when working on abdominal liposculpting to create six-packs, a small layer of fat is left over the muscle while heavily aspirating fat between the muscles. Thus, the muscle itself is enhanced, and the lines between appear like deep, ripped valleys. The result is an athletic abdomen with "six-pack" abs. In the same way, Dr. Neeraj Pandey then creates a tight waistline, toned arms, solid thighs, and the buttocks of your dreams.

One added advantage of VASER 4D sculpt is that, about 85% of the fat removed by the VASER is viable (alive). This means that we have a new tool for transferring volume to the desired area. We can use the fat removed during vaser liposuction to add volume to areas of the body deficient of volume such as augmentation of the buttocks, male pectoral (chest) muscles and even the face. The removed fat, now harvested in a special sterile canister, has been elevated from "medical waste" to "liquid gold". VASER high definition liposculpture gives us the ability to take down areas of excessive contour, enhance areas of poorly defined contour, create muscular definition and add contour, all in one go.

Abdominal Etching for Men(Six Pack Abs Surgery)

Abdominal etching takes liposuction to the next level as it involves an advance level of detailing and distinction to the abdomen that gets you Six-Packs. It is a form of liposculpting that removes excess fat between the abdominal muscles, creating indentations that resemble those seen on a six-pack or washboard stomach. With ab etching, your stomach can appear tighter, firmer and more muscular.

Many men strive for those ever-desirable six-packs and eight pack abs these days. Yet, tireless stomach crunches and sit-ups often don't get the job done, no matter how disciplined you are about your regimen. The truth is, it can be very difficult to eliminate the layer of fat around the midsection, particularly if you are not genetically blessed in the abdominal region to begin with. However, there is a secret weapon many men have turned to for defined abs and that legendary six pack look

Abdominal etching, or Ab-etching, is a plastic surgery procedure to reshape and contour the abdominal fat pad to provide patients with a flatter stomach. The procedure selectively removes a small amount of fat around the patient's natural muscular contours and shapes or sculpts the abdomen to create a more athletic contour. It is a new procedure that uses a special cannula to contour and shape abdominal fat pad to provide patients with a flatter stomach and to provide the look of a 6- or 8-pack abdomen.

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